2019 Showcase

Fifth annual U-M ITS Intern Showcase

The fifth annual ITS Internship Showcase took place on August 9, 2019, at the Michigan League. IT staff and leadership from U-M and nearby universities showed their support for our 47 ITS interns, fellows, and academy interns as they demonstrated the innovative work they accomplished this summer in areas like networks, user experience (UX/UI) design, cybersecurity, communication, and infrastructure. Select interns spoke about their experience in the ITS Internship Program on a student panel and attendees viewed the premiere of the ITS Internship Documentary. VPIT-CIO Dr. Ravi Pendse gave closing remarks and presented the interns with their graduation certificates. 


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Presentation

This project is about understanding augmented reality space and capturing user's interaction data with Augmented Reality(AR) Apps for further analysis. During our development, we made multiple prototypes to demonstrate this technology’s abilities, built a simple AR App, and stored data in the Unizin Data Platform using Caliper Specification.

Project Interns

Automated Patching in Ansible

Automated Patching in Ansible Presentation

Patching is an important process for fixing security and performance issues, but can be slow and frustrating when done manually. My project centered on improving the automation of two of these processes by increasing efficiency and self-checking functionality and reducing complexity.

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Automated Testing with Selenium

Automated Testing with Selenium Presentation

Manual testing is slow and prone to errors. Thus, my project focuses on automating the testing process for the M-Write Peer Review tool to speed it up and increase reliability.

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Automating IQ

Automating IQ Presentation

Effort 1: Reduced Data Integration Team manual efforts by automating validation of Oracle grants process

Effort 2: Deployed Host-based Intrusion Detection System on Windows via Ansible and sending real-time info to Slack

Project Interns

Career Fair Queue

Career Fair Queue Presentation

We designed a digital queue system that students can use instead of waiting in lengthy lines with no guarantee of meeting a recruiter. Students will be able to make better use of their time and have greater opportunity to speak with recruiters, while smaller, more obscure companies have better odds of meeting with students.

CEW+ Data Project

CEW+ Data Project Presentation

We automated the data analysis process used by the Center for the Education of Women+ to generate insights into nontraditional students at U-M. We also wrote extensive documentation to help create an accessible and standardized knowledge base for future efforts.

Container Provisioning API

Container Provisioning API Presentation

Container Services is a project by the Web Platforms team in IS that allows customers to request OpenShift projects for their university department. These projects can be used to create and run websites from containers. We created an API (Application Program Interface) to automatically create these projects and give control over them to the customer. Using containers saves ITS resources (storage and other operating costs) by being able to easily scale up or down to meet web traffic demand in a short notice.

Designing Websites through Adobe XD

Designing Websites through Adobe XD Presentation

My project was to download and learn the Adobe XD software. Adobe XD is a tool used for designing and prototyping websites and applications.

Project Interns

Digital Annual Performance Evaluations

Digital Annual Performance Evaluations Presentation

Simplify the employee annual evaluation process by reducing paperwork with a form built in Kuali Build

ITS Intern Portal

ITS Intern Portal Presentation

The ITS Intern Portal improves the overall experience for ITS interns by centralizing cohort communication and concentrating internship information in one easy-to-find location. The Intern Portal is accessible via ITS Backstage.

ITS Internship Documentary

ITS Internship Documentary Presentation

The objective of the documentary is to recruit new interns and raise awareness of the ITS Summer Internship Program.

MCommunity Redesign

MCommunity Redesign Presentation

This project focused on modernizing U-M’s group management and directory application, MCommunity. Research and testing were essential in order to streamline functions and improve the overall design.

Project Interns


Mi-Tutor Presentation

The University of Michigan currently has no central hub for on-demand tutoring services. Mi-Tutor is a web application that aims to make it easier for students to find a tutor on campus in a timely matter.

Michigan Dining ChatBot

Michigan Dining ChatBot Presentation

We created a voice assistant chatbot that helps users with queries regarding food options at dining halls/cafes/markets that allows users to take into account specific details like dietary restrictions, allergies or specific dates at which they would like to eat.

Project Interns

My Learning Analytics (MyLA)

My Learning Analytics Presentation

The original Files Access View in MyLA displayed files sorted by the percentage of students that have accessed the files in a canvas course. However, it only displayed file data in Canvas. My project’s goal was to integrate Lecture Capture data into the existing Files Access View to create the Resource Access View.

Project Interns

Navigating Change in the Cloud

Navigating Change in the Cloud Presentation

Comparison and documentation to inform U-M’s direction and people

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Online Service Center: Re-imagined

Online Service Center: Re-imagined Presentation

The University’s telecommunications billing and reporting system, the Online Service Center (OSC), is in the middle of a major upgrade. Our primary responsibility has been to migrate the reporting functionality from the existing Online Service Center to the all-new Service Request System (SRS).

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Significant Incident Automation

Significant Incident Automation Presentation

The process for significant incidents was able to be significantly improved with the adoption of Slack and BlueJeans by ITS. In order to improve the coordination and responsiveness, a portion of the manual work has been eliminated through automation.

Project Interns

SoE Data Management

SoE Data Management Presentation

Researchers from the School of Education needed help cleansing and compiling research data collected from an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program research study. We reviewed a previously outlined data-cleansing process and tried to understand the stage at which the data had been left. From there, we finished the required steps and kept detailed documentation of how we managed their data. The findings will be shared with academic circles, UROP staff, and other stakeholders to better understand how to support non-traditional students.

SoftServ Knowledge Transfer

SoftServ Knowledge Transfer Presentation

ITS has an important duty to provide knowledge-based customer service. The goal of this project is to decrease the number of tickets assigned to Software Services (SoftServ) and improve customer response times. SoftServ Knowledge Transfer provides data-supported solutions to the knowledge base resource gap between the Service Center and Software Services.

Project Interns

Storage Guidance Tool

Storage Guidance Tool Presentation

This tool scans a University of Michigan researcher’s files to suggest the best storage method for their data. The suggestion includes graphs and statistical summaries to aid in visualization.

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Study Spot Finder

Study Spot Finder Presentation

Study Spot Finder is a helpful tool to find a building in which to study at any time of day. It provides details about distance from a particular building and how full the building is as well. The main finding we had was that it requires a lot of preparation and planning in order to get this application running.