Derek Yang


What college are you attending, what year, and what is your major?

I'm attending the University of Michigan School of Engineering in the class of 2022. My current intended major is computer science

What is your dream job after college?

My dream job is to either be a software developer at a Big Four company or (maybe less realistically) be a researcher looking into quantum computing.

What has been your favorite part of the internship thus far?

My favorite part of the internship so far is being able to do impactful work that will be used by others once I'm gone.

What skills are you hoping to gain or build by the end of this internship in August?

I'm hoping to continue to grow comfortable in a workplace environment.

What assumptions did you have coming into the internship program?

I wrongly assumed it would be anything like a Big Four company, and also assumed that this experience would help me grow as a worker and adult

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?