Danny Kim


What college are you attending, what year, and what is your major?

University of Southern California, Incoming Junior, Applied and Computational Mathematics

What is your dream job after college?

Data Scientist

What has been your favorite part of the internship thus far?

Being surrounded by people with much more knowledge than me and being able to learn new skills from them.

What skills are you hoping to gain or build by the end of this internship in August?

I hope to be comfortable automating tasks with Ansible and Linux (with my department) and also improve data analysis skills (with my cohort group)

What assumptions did you have coming into the internship program?

I thought I would only be building off the skills that I already have but I have been able to learn new skills and tools that I'll never probably get to learn in a classroom setting.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mint Oreo