Application Tips

Our team of hiring managers adopted a meticulous approach to assessing each application individually without relying on a tracking system.

We collaborated closely with our hiring managers to gain a deeper insight on their expectations during the review process. By identifying the key qualities and criteria they seek in potential interns, we want to ensure that every applicant has an equal chance of success.

Your Resume

  1.  Show your websites. Link your portfolio, GitHub, or LinkedIn to help our hiring managers understand who you are! Make sure the link is clickable if sharing the file electronically, and write out the link if sharing a physical copy of your resume.
  2.  Keep it relevant to the job. We understand that you may not have much technical experience in the field, but try to show any transferable skills either from your class projects or volunteering experiences. We want to know what you are learning and how you would apply it to an internship.
  3.  Make it measurable. Quantify your achievements. How many mockups or GitHub branches did you make? How many members were you managing in your team? What kind of budget were you working with?
  4. List your skills and tools. Having your skills and tools listed can help our hiring managers understand what you can bring to the table. For technical skills, a separate section is appropriate; but for all other skills, make sure they are embedded in your experiences. We want to know how you are a great communicator, for example!
  5. Most importantly, keep it tidy and informative!

What Our Hiring Managers Say:

  • More than 50% of our hiring managers look at a resume for 1-2 minutes.
  • “I look for curiosity, critical thinking, and ability to work independently, and a desire to learn.”
  • “Demonstrate your passion and ability to translate skills to real world scenarios whether it be projects, clubs, or self guided activities.”

Your Cover Letter

  1. How did you know about the program? If you heard about the program from someone in our team, mention it! We would love to remember our conversation with you.
  2. What do you want to learn from ITS? Explain your goal in this internship. We would like to help you as much as you are helping us!
  3. Why would you like this position? Explain why you want to work in this position and with ITS, how did this position catch your attention?
  4. Why would you be a good fit? Explain your skills and why you would be a good candidate for the position.
  5. Show enthusiasm! Tell us why you’re excited to work with us!

What Our Hiring Managers Say:

  • More than 60% of our hiring managers look at a cover letter for 1-2 minutes.
  • “You aren’t going to cover your entire experience, it’s ok. Your goal is to show me you are interested and why.”
  • “Tell me what you want to do with the things you will learn in your internship and in college.”
  • “Don’t just list your projects, also include what skills you learned and how they could be beneficial to the position you’re applying for.”

Your Interview with ITS

  1. Do some prior homework. Know what ITS is and what this internship is to show interest.
  2. Have confidence in your achievements, big or small. This is just an internship application, we understand that you may not have much technical experience, be proud of what you have! Your goal here is to learn.
  3. Show your thought process. When answering questions, elaborate on how you would approach things.
  4. Be honest if you don’t know something. No one is perfect, if you don’t know something, say it, then mention what you would do to try and solve the problem.
  5. Ask intelligent questions. Asking questions towards the end will show interest in the position and leave a good impression to the interviewer.

What Our Hiring Managers Say:

  • About 43% of our hiring managers recommend sending a thank you email after an interview, while another 43% are indifferent.
  • “Clarify as needed, direct answer to the question, show the thought process and keep smiling.”
  • “Interviewing isn’t about proving yourself worth. It is about finding the right match for you and your potential employer’s next chapter. Look for how your potential employer can benefit you, help you grow, and spoil you with a good work experience.”
  • “Don’t worry about being nervous, we’ve all been in your seat before. Come prepared, dress for an interview, be on time, have a quiet space, read the job description, do a little googling ahead of time, ask relevant questions to the position, and ask about team culture / working styles.”

General Advice from our Hiring Managers

  • “Have confidence in your accomplishments whether it be a freshman or a senior. Be able to explain how you can contribute and build upon your strong fundamentals and experience.”
  • “Show intent and confidence that you will learn anything given to you and deliver.”
  • “Just be yourself. Show enthusiasm for the position or the type of work you will be doing.”
  • “Be open-minded and ready to learn.”